Wesley Pepper

Wesley Pepper is a Fine and Street Artist, (Book) Publisher, Social Entrepreneur and Cultural Activist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

As an artist he had one major solo exhibition in (printmaking) and partook in many group shows and festivals across South Africa and the USA. Currently he is working as a 'Street Artist' were he specializes in past-up's and public art installations. He's work can be found across the Johannesburg CDB, Soweto  and Hillbrow. He partook in the Infecting The City festival in Cape Town in 2015 and the 'Not a Crime' International campaign. 

Wesley's objectives governs his work and is far left so as to challenge the stereotype of the Afrikan creative and build new networks.

He passionately build's new markets and organizes new art collectives that are free from the rigorous and controlled art market .