Tamara Reddy

Tamara Reddy is a self-taught 2D Artist currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is founder of Tred in Mental, a graphic art free space which encourages the freedom to create poetry through graphic art, fantasy, humour and the appreciation for the Human Race. 

Tamara's artwork shares a visual culture, of the state of being, through Graphic Posters. Her artwork questions the way we are socially conditioned to belong as people; to seek truth. All design work is created as an alternative form of visual education for children and young adults in raising awareness to the strengths and weaknesses of our current social conditions. Human development can go through extreme measures to have purpose in this world. Eco Terrorism, Women abuse, war, racism, corrective rape, child abuse, thought disorders, suicide, anger and loneliness are a few of these extremities. Tamara's visual identity is dedicated to shining a light in a dark place. It is important to find and create beauty because of how ‘real’ life can get. Her artwork aims to connect to great hearts and innovative minds in pushing the human race forward through the freedom of Expression. Tamara's gift is to share a world of magik through the use of colour and imagination.