Sanusi Olatunji

Since 2015, Sanusi Olatunji has been developing a collage technique or process of “painting” with paper. Using slivers of coloured paper that from a distance mimic gestural strokes of paint, he builds up the surfaces of his canvases.

Ejigbo came to South Africa in 2009 to pursue his dream of being a professional and independent artist. His South African story begins in 2010 in the gardens of the Union Buildings in Pretoria where like a contemporary impressionist painter, he painted and sketched scenes and activities in and around the Union Buildings. These were bought by tourists and visitors to the gardens.

He quickly built up a reputation in the area and was invited to participate in an exhibition at St Laurent Fashion and Art Gallery in Pretoria in 2010. This was followed by a solo of acrylic and oils at the American Embassy in 2012.  He also became a member of the Association of Art in Pretoria and participates in a group show exhibition annually.

According to Sanusi, every situation and experience has at least two sides. His artwork currently explores this idea of “duality”. Duality is explored in various ways including through nuances of colour as well as textured surface relationships (paint texture vs. paper texture).