Renier Spies

Renier Spies, born on the 2nd of May 1970, studied law at the University of the Orange Free State.

After completion of his articles at the firm Mc Intyre and Van der Post, Bloemfontein, he relocated to Johannesburg and joined the largest and most accomplished criminal law firm in South Africa, where he specialised in trial law for the next 15 years.

He left the practice of law and joined the National School of Photography, Pretoria, where he completed his diploma in photography during 2007. As a form of creative expression, photography became the pathway to his artistic side, which he has since developed parallel to his career as one of South Africa’s top defence attorneys.

“Photography opened my eyes, not only to myself, but also to a world filled with dynamic elements of constant opposites. It taught me that I do not need to be only ‘one thing’. I believe it was the exposure to the human drama of a criminal court and the intimate interaction with people during cross-examination that ignited my interest and love of people-photography.”