Oupa Sibeko

Oupa Sibeko, [BA Performing and Visual Arts, Honours African Literature and Creative Writing] is a performer, writer. Oupa was awarded a Richard Haines all-rounded performer award by the Wits University Humanities Faculty 2014. He has taken part in group shows in Namibia at the National Art Gallery of Namibia, JMAC Gallery, Room Gallery, The Freezer Hostel and Theatre in Iceland and Greatmore Studios in Cape Town.

Sibeko works predominantly in the medium of photography, video and performance. He interrogates the role of the self in terms of its human presence in the now as well as its relationship to time and place. He concentrates on the notion of an “in-betweenness of being” in liminal space. Liminality suggests a spatial and temporal condition in which stability is constantly in flux. This can be read as a metaphor of migration of the self between cultures, which raises questions about identity, belonging, and displacement.

Sibeko is an independent artist. He lives and works in Johannesburg.