Mbongeni Fakudze

Mbongeni Fakudze was born in Mbabane on April 16, 1982. He studied at Sifundzani Primary School and then attended Waterford Kamhlaba until Form 5. He then completed a Fine Arts correspondence course through the University of South Africa, Pretoria. Afterwards, he attended the Tswhane University of Technology in Pretoria for Fine Arts. Upon completion, he returned to Swaziland where he registered a small company doing animation work for corporate advertising. After a few years he moved to Johannesburg where he studied 3D animation in Randburg. After receiving his certification in 3D animation, Mbongeni returned to Swaziland and now does primarily visual art work.

Mbongeni was first introduced to the arts at Waterford where he discovered himself as an artist. His art teacher liked and emphasized the importance of Surrealist art, and Mbongeni was exposed to artists like Dali and Magritte, both of whom still influence his work today. “Upon finishing school,” Mbongeni remembers, “all I wanted to do was paint”. He quickly, however, moved from painting to exploring digital art and animation. “Animation is the natural next step” he explains, “the still leads to the moving object”. Mbongeni’s animation is artistic and abstract, as opposed to commercial. He has recently become interested in film – exploring multi media performances that combine video, photographs, and graphic art with live performance. He also enjoys writing poetry, an art form that he sees as very connected to his visual art – “all of my art comes from the same mind, just in different mediums.” In every medium, Mbongeni’s work is lyrical, quite abstract, and oftentimes socially and politically relevant.