Jardine du Passion

Jardine du Passion is an artist, humanitarian, and alternative healer, mother to Neo (8) and Jaco (24) and spent her childhood between her mother’s piano and the banks of the Klipriver staring into the brisk torrents of green. The quaint village of Henley-on-Klip was home.

“I live my life in a meditative transcendental state of mind, often downloading cosmic data to envisage mystical meanings which surround us through symbolism. My works are indicative of my feelings in that moment and I only spontaneously create when inspired. I painted my first painting living in a small cottage next to an eagles nest and isolated from the world. Over a period of seven years, in this prolific stillness I learnt to mix colours on canvas and developed my own unique style of painting and sculpting as I have never had any formal training, my art comes from my heart. It sometimes takes weeks to conceptualise a piece, but once well thought through I can finish it in an afternoon.  I have been painting and sculpting for more than thirty years and have completed many successful commissions.

A central concern of my work is to challenge habitual ways of thinking and seeing through the use of visual anomalies that are both surprising as well as engaging. I am interested in work that arrests and takes us ‘inside’ of ourselves. My interest as an artist is in the poetic imagination and the role of narrative as modes of transcendence and world-making. I work with a variety of themes and ideas, including the metaphorical use of angelic forms to evoke a higher consciousness, the body as a vehicle to self-awareness and diversity, as well as notions of openness and enclosure, simplicity/complexity, and intimacy/immensity in the greater seeking of self. My art is sometimes expressive of all the turmoil and emotions that we experience in the individuation and seeking of identity, as well as the possibility of recreation after destruction." 

The subjugation of women through verbal and physical power play disengages women from their own physical mortality shaming them for being women, thus leaving them humiliated and making them cringe into “invisible nothings”. The facelessness of women reaches deep within to physical insignificance and self-alienation, rendering her sexless and incapable of reproduction. Her sexless indifference posts a huge threat for humanity leaving her childless.