A solo exhibition by Wesley Pepper

Date:    6 September 2018 @ 18h00

Venue: Once in Jo'burg | 90 De Korte Street | Braamfontein | JHB

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#TheOpenCityProject approaches the city’s space through the social reality of the streets as a dynamic space of experimentation and energy. Pepper is interested in people that use and imagine the dialect mesh, history, race, culture, language and aesthetics.

His artwork expresses the voices and emotions of those who are excluded and marginalised by the process of securitisation, privatisation and surveillance and how they resist and create their own autonomous space.

The body of work has a set narrative and each artwork tells a story of all the different situations we have to deal with in order get by.

The artworks will all take place in the CBD and Pepper will use the city’s urban landscape as metaphor for a man made environment that can be manipulated but not changed.

Chapter Two_ Troskey was right