M.A.P. Contemporary | Melville Art Project ^

13 August – 10 September 2016

M.A.P. Contemporary is pleased to present a solo exhibition of a new body of work by Johannesburg based artist, Layziehound Coka.  

The exhibition reflects on the injustices of the socio-political landscape in South Africa. Although it is an issue frequently raised and debated in various contexts, it oftentimes seems impassable.

This phenomenal artist draws inspiration from every day circumstances, using his signature style to depict this Gini coefficient.  

Layziehound Coka’s work is centered on an assortment of characters in suits, typically with an aloof appearance.  These men, seemingly unfazed by what is happening around them, are the portrayal of the current state of affairs.  Coka’s large canvases and works on paper are often lined in what appears to be cracks within the images. This can be seen as a not-so-subtle hint that the cracks in society and in the demeanor of the characters are beginning to show to those around them.  

About Layziehound

Layziehound is a Johannesburg based fine artist, working from the city's August House studios. His art examines South Africa's generational divide and crisis of leadership by exploring the idea of the suit - the uniform of South Africa's elders, who often use this cloth for self enrichment.

The South African social landscape is currently threatening and confusing, especially for new generations. The questions implicit in the landscape pile up for young South Africans. Will you end up being a servant in this place? What other possibles futures might lie in store? Which pieces of the past and future should you choose to hold on to, and why?

Progress is deeply personal, and it can be dangerous to think of previous generations as better versions of ourselves - especially because humans abandon former beliefs so easily.

Layziehound's art plays with these ideas, making strong use of titles as a poetic device. Along the way he casts a sharp lens on South African society - most notably, of course, the wearers of the suit.

Layziehound was born in Bilanyoni, Northern KwaZulu Natal, in 1982. He moved to Gauteng in 2001, and started studied engineering in 2003 at the Pretoria Technikon. He gave up engineering for fine art in 2005, when he started studying print making at Newtown's Artist Proof Studio (APS). He has been working as a professional artist since graduating from APS in 2007.​


Layziehound has participated in numerous group shows through the years, and has several solo exhibitions, the latest taking place at Map Contemporary in August 2016. Recent highlights include: